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Arriflex 416 PLUS HD

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The ARRI 416 camera is a lightweight, modern Super 16 film camera with a 35-style viewfinder. It's a completely new ergonomic design, intergrated electronic accessories and compatibility with same lenses and accessories used by its 35mm siblings make the 416 a powerful and flexible portable Super 16 camera.


Film Type: Super 16mm Film
Maximum Frame Rate: 1-75 FPS
Weight: 12.8 lbs (Body Only - No Magazine)


1x Arri 416 Plus Camera Body
1x Arri 416 viewfinder
1x Arri 416 IVS-2 PAL
1x Arri LWS-5
1x Arri 416 BP adapter
1x Arri 416 BP 12
1x Arri 416 viewfinder extension Long
1x Arri GG 1.78-416/235/SR3
1x Arri GG 1.66-416/235/SR3
1x Arri GG 1.78/1.33-416/235/SR3
1x Arri Top Handle 416
3x Arri 416 magazine w/ Cover
2x Black 15mm Bars 10cm
2x Black 19mm Bars 15cm
1x Elokuvakonepaja 416 V-mount battery adapter with HD-SDI converter
1x Elokuvakonepaja 416 Sideplate - full
1x Elokuvakonepaja 416 Sideplate Stripped
1x Elokuvakonepaja 416 Top Plate + Handle
1x Arri 416. manual
1x Arri 416 Tool set Full (1x HEX 1,5x60; 1x HEX 2x60; 1x HEX 2,5x75; 1x HEX 3x75; 1x HEX 5x150; 1x Extractor Esmerilados, 1x Bloqueador obturador, 1x Corrector obturador)
1x Metal case for camera body
1x Metal case for magazines
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