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V-RAPTOR® [X] 8K VV combines the strengths of RED’s two families of cameras into one powerful all-purpose workhorse. The frame rates, lowlight performance, and resolution of the V-RAPTOR® line combined with the global shutter advancements of KOMODO®, the V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV sensor is the culmination of the latest advancements in digital cinema image making. Using RED’s newest 8K VV sensor, V-RAPTOR [X] leverages the benefits and flexibility of large format, global shutter, high framerate, 8K acquisition, all inside of a compact and feature rich body weighing just over 4lbs.
V-RAPTOR [X] is the first large format global shutter camera available. It is built off the same keystone features found in the original V-RAPTOR, such as 2x 12G SDI’s capable of unique monitoring views, a locking Canon RF style lens mount for rigid and flexible lens selection, and CFexpress Type B media for up to 800MB/s formats such as 8K 120P. In addition, improved in-camera audio pre-amps as well as a redesigned sensor cavity designed to mitigate stray light and improve contrast performance only further builds upon the V-RAPTOR legacy.
V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV is pushed to new limits with the introduction of RED Global Vision, a new suite of tools that use the global shutter sensor to provide even more flexibility and ease of use throughout the production process. Global Vision’s Extended Highlights allows the camera to see even further into highlight detail, providing more detail for HDR finishes, or softer and more subtle highlight roll-off for SDR. RED Global Vision also includes Phantom Track to streamline any Virtual Production environment employing GhostFrame™ or Frame Remapping, capturing distinct R3D clips per each sub-frame slice, as well as allowing for monitoring of either slice live on-set over each SDI.


Type Sensor: CMOS
Frame Rate: Up to 600fps 2k / Up to 120fps 8K
Recording formats: REDCODE HQ, MQ and LQ
Recording medium: CFexpress
Weight: 1,8 KG


1x Red V-RAPTOR 8K
1x Tilta Baseplate 15mm
2x Medium 15mm Rods
2x CFexpress 660 GB Cards + Card case
1x Power Supply
1x IEC Cable
1x Antena
1x Canon EF - Canon RF Mount + 2 Caps
1x PL DZO - Canon RF Mount + 2 Caps
1x Expansion Connector Box + V-lock Battery Plate
1x CFexpress to USB-C Card Reader
1x USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x USB - USB-C Cable
1x Cable Alimentación D-tap
1x Tilta Dovetail
2x NATO Side Arm
1x Bottom Plate
1x Bottom Mounting Plate
1x Tilta Top Handle + 15mm Rod
1x Top Plate
2x Left / Right Side Single Rod Holder
1x LCD DSMC3 Red Touch 7'' Monitor + Support + Arm
2x RMI DSMC3 Monitor Cable
1x Travel Case
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