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CANON K35 (18, 24, 35, 55, 85mm) T1.3-T1.5 - FF

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The K35 vintage lens set was created by Canon between the years of 1970-85. Upon its release, these lenses were highly praised for their construction and look. They were used in many of the great films that are seen each year. Award winning films such as "Alien" (1986) and "American Hustle" (2013) used these lenses because they had beautiful tones that gave a unique look to film. This is a set of 6 vintage lenses in the K35 line with the focal lengths of 18-24-35-55-85mm and 135mm.


Diameter: 110mm
Mount: PL (TLS)


18mm: T1.5 / 0,45m / 1,2kg
24mm: T1.5 / 0,3m / 1,2kg
35mm: T1.3 / 0,3m / 1,2kg
50mm: T1.3 / 0,6m / 1,2kg
85mm: T1.3 / 0,9m / 1,2kg
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