Our partner studios are one of the best options for recording in a controlled space. They have the best services and quality standards and a strong collaboration with us. This allows you to forget about the logistics and needs between camera, light and studio, making us one.

3 Studios – XXL/Industrial/Chroma

C/Anselm Clavé 17, Nau 15 Polígon Industrial Matacàs,

08980, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona

[email protected] – +34 938 598 709


Wifi 600mb, Air conditioning, Set technician, Make-up and wardrobe area, Natural light, On-Set Props, shower area

MTK XXL – 230m2

250m² of set ideal for medium and large productions that require adequate facilities for audiovisual production with large elements or of higher technical magnitude such as commercials, streams, video clips, virtual events …

A recording studio made up of an endless 12m wide cyclorama with direct rolling access to the set for industrial transports, trucks, vans or private vehicles

We have two 9 x 3.5m motorized truss islands with 4 independent motors each that allows the structures to be angled. 55Kw of power. Two 9 x 3.5m motorized truss.

MTK Industrial – 125m2

A 120m² industrial setting space with natural light to develop your projects in a unique space, whether it be construction of sets, use as a VIP dressing room, events…

A studio with changing Brooklyn-style decor and direct entry of natural light.

It is an ideal set for productions that require artistic demands different from those that a white set can provide and this location allows the assembly of different sets (kitchens, rooms, loft, etc.). 28Kw of electric power.

Chroma studio – 70m2

A 70 m² set with a cyclorama completely green chroma painted permanently. This virtual set is prepared to host VFX productions, corporate, video clips, commercials …

The Chroma set is ready to go in and roll! We have a pack of lights to offer the total and perfectly illuminated space. You only have to mount the camera and start recording.

It already has a mechanotube installation on the roof with an electrical pre-installation. 28Kw of electric power

2 Studios – Big One/Loft

C/ Joan de Austria, 80

08005, Barcelona.

[email protected] – +34 672 736 642


Wifi 600mb, Make-up and wardrobe area, Natural light, On-Set Props, shower area

A big studio of 275m2 and a Desing Apartment of 40m2

In the heart of Poble Nou, the most versatile and Vanguardist neighborhood in the city of Barcelona, our space is a blank page where you can envision all the ideas for your event or production.

We are a den for creatives, open to all kinds of projects.

We would love to make you feel at home.